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The information provided on this website is based on the views of the author of this website and an indication of the type of pain treatments one can expect at the department of Pain Medicine in Roermond (the Netherlands).


The information is largely based on the documents that were developed in the late ´90´s by the Pain Section of the Netherlands Society for Anesthesiology. These documents were developed for general use, but pain departments were expected to adapt the information to the local situation.


In the years that followed, many changes have been made based on new developments in pain medicine. Every few years, the latest state of the art is set down in writing in the form of practice guidelines. These guidelines are not the final truth. They are often a few years behind the latest developments. On some points are department does not follow the practice guidelines entirely. Whenever this is the case, it will be pointed out. We will attempt to defend our viewpoint, with valid arguments. In the end each patient will have to decide for his or herself, whether or not they wish to undergo a certain treatment.


In general, the results of pain treatments are variable. No treatment provides 100% pain relief. What works well in one patient may be totally ineffective in another. One must remember, that a Pain Clinic receives a negative selection of all patients with pain. If patients pain responds well to treatments provided by general practitioners and other health providers, they have no need to seek our treatment. As a result we see only patients with pain that is difficult to treat. If we succeed in reducing a patient´s pain by 50% over a prolonged period (for example 3 to 9 months), we consider this to be a (partial) success. If this results in an improved ability to function in society, either socially or economically, then this is an added bonus. All these factors are difficult to measure, but we estimate that even these modest goals result in a success percentage of about 60% depending on the type and severity of the pain. We try not to raise patient’s expectations any higher than necessary, in order to avoid disappointment. We often have to settle for limited results, but nevertheless some of our patients are completely pain free after treatment.


The main categories of pain and pain therapy can be found on the left hand margin of the website. Also some pages can be accessed through links in the text that can be recognized by the change in color. The pages are renewed regularly to reflect the changes that take place from time to time. Not all pages have been translated into English.


Many of the invasive procedures can be quite painful. In most patients, local anesthesia and reassurance, can make the procedure acceptable. However, for some patients no amount of reassurance will placate them. For those being treated by Dr. de Jong, sedation can be provided in accordance with national guidelines, regarding sedation. Sedation results in a reduced consciousness, to a point that makes the treatment acceptable.


If you require specific information concerning personal pain problems, that cannot be found on these web pages, you may contact us at roermond@dcklinieken.nl


Peter C. de Jong, Department of Pain Medicine

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